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           Series:  Mixed Medium on paper

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"Masks of God ... these two"


26"H x 20"W    Acrylic paints, gold leaf, silver leaf, inks, pastels, charcoal on Bristol Board

Placing these two in my first painting of this series was a visual choice of juxtaposition.  Throughout human history groups have worshipped the spiritual energies within our Earth.  Here the Green Woman/Mother Earth covers her face with a silver mask to represent the many faces she has been given. 

          She steps down upon a representation of the dead Jesus Christ.  He is covered with images of a crucified Jesus.  His religion is based on a myth that only by confessing to sin and doing penance can a follower grow past guilt and gain a favorable seat in a heavenly place in an earthly death’s afterlife.  Jesus is shown after his removal from the cross and has the marks of the wounds in his hands & feet.  He wears the golden mask that represents the rich vestments of his religion.    

Photo by Lance Kuehne

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