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           Series:  Mixed Medium on paper

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"Masks of God ... Judaism & The Garden of Eden"



24"H x 20"W    Acrylic paints, gold & silver paint, inks, pastels, oil pastels on Bristol Board

Now in the Collection of Carol and Joel Breger


This painting has taken me a long time to discover.   I show the light of the Menorah.  My dear friend, Joel, told me that to be a Jew is to be filled with light, love, friendship and family. 


The Old Testament tells us of The Garden of Eden with its two great trees: The Tree of Knowledge; and The Tree of Everlasting Life.  The talking Serpent has told Eve about the Fruit of the First Tree.  The story seems to go on that they become excited with the new knowledge of good and evil and leave The Garden of Eden.  Two Seraphim’s, one with a flaming sword, have been placed at the Gate of the Garden of Eden so that Adam and Eve cannot return to eat of the Tree of Everlasting Life.


This painting series “Masks of God … “ leads me to many new spiritual levels of understanding.  The underlying Myths of our great religions dating from pre-history add layers upon layers that weave new life into modern spiritual life.

Photo by Lance Kuehne                           

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