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           Series:  Mixed Medium (acrylic paints) on Bristol Board

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"From Her Heart Thru Her Hands ... The First U.S.A. Women Physicians"




24" x 20"

Mixed Medium: acrylic paints, inks & craypas pastels, colored pencils on Bristol Board


Seated on the bottom right is   ELIZABETH BLACKWELL   1821 – 1910

            The First Woman to achieve a medical degree in the U.S.


Standing on the bottom left/center is   ANN PRESTON    1813 – 1872

            The First Woman Dean of a Medical School


Standing between these two women is   REBECCA LEE CRUMPLER   1831 – 1895

            The First African – American Woman physical in the U.S.


On the middle left is   SUSAN LA FLESCHE PICOTTE   1865 – 1915

            The First Native American Woman to become a U.S. physician.


When you explore this painting you will find dates and locations for each of the four women doctors. 

(Two women hold books with their graduation date/two women have their dates on their clothing. 

Small portraits are located at the approximate locations where these women graduated from medical schools.)


The U.S. map in the background shows the United States in the year 1870. 

The heaviest populations were on the East Coast.  The central area are still Territories and the Unorganized territory is also denoted. 


MCC has introduced images representing the growing populations who were emigrating and settling the U.S.

during this time that saw the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. 

Women’s talents and intelligence were finally allowed to become part of this new nation called The United States of America.


Each of these women physicians are given inspiring biographies on Wikipedia.


Photo by SkyLark Images


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