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           Series:  Mixed Medium (acrylic paints) on Bristol Board

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"From Her Heart Thru Her Hands ... Cherokee - Trail of Tears"


24" x 20"

Mixed Medium: acrylic paints, inks & craypas pastels on Bristol Board

“From Her Heart Thru Her Hands … Trail of Tears, Cherokee Medicine Women”


Three specific themes are blended within this MCC painting: The Trail of Tears; Cherokee medicine women; and the colors representing the four

directions of the Medicine Wheel.

The Trail of Tears – The Indian Removals.  In 1835 with the agreement of the Treaty of New Echota, President Andrew Jackson ordered the

Cherokee removal   from their ancestral lands to lands west so that large profits could be made from the sale and purchases of land.  About 20,000

Cherokees were marched westward at gunpoint.  Nearly a quarter died along the way.  According to legend, a Cherokee rose, the state flower of

Georgia grew in every spot a tear fell for the death of a child. 

Cherokee Medicine Women bracket the central oval image.  These women were the strength who supported those on the Trail and throughout

Cherokee life.  One definition for them,” it’s the wisdom of knowing that all things are in relation to each other.  That all healing and connection

comes from the heart – be it with another human, an animal, mineral, or Spirit.”  In this MCC painting there is the Woman singing her sacred

songs to bring us out of Winter.  As Spring progresses to Summer, the heavy load of fruition in all manner of living things is represented by a wise

woman.  When the products of Summer are carried over into Autumn this woman carries it all upon her back.  When Winter sits cold and still

upon the earth this woman has her sacred rattles and feathers to bring the knowledge of Cherokee culture and pride into the quiet days.

The four primary colors that represent the seasons of the year also connect with traditional knowledge:  White.  Winter, Spirituality.  Time of

wisdom, white hair, contemplation, healing and dreams.  Deliberate animals; white buffalo, moose, bear.  Yellow.  Spring,   Birth, new

beginnings.  The rising sun moves us to action.  Winged animals; hummingbird, owl, hawk. Red.  Summer, Passion. The  Sun is overhead with no

shadows.  We grow into adulthood.  Animals of pride, strength and courage; eagle, lion, wolf.  Black   Fall,  Setting Sun.  Prepare for winter. 

Looking inward to reality and shadows. Beaver for teamwork.  Snake reminds us to shed our skin as we change.

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