One of the most important drives born into our  human bones is to keep learning something new.  Then, to teach that new knowledge or skill to another human.  The visual arts, both sculpture and painting is that MCC home ground.  New avenues of our amazing human condition become tangibles as she explores beyond a camera image but stays within our human alphabet of recognizable images.

She began as the youngest person to be allowed into the nude model drawing classes at the San Francisco Museum of Art.  Many years of completed painting classes at the College of Marin, University of Calif. at Berkeley, and the Art Institute of San Francisco have given MCC the skills to create her 2D dreams in oils, acrylic paints and mixed mediums (AA, BA & Graduate Studies).  Her paintings have been exhibited in New York as well as extensively throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

The continued correspondence between MCC and Isamu Noguchi supported her desire to create stone environments that pulled the viewer physically around/across/within her sculpture. Isamu Noguchi answered her question regarding her frustration about the financial necessity for smaller sizes of her sculpture. He told her, … ”there is no difference”.

Human forms took life in stone as she taught herself to carve. As sales, Grants, teaching and Public Art Commissions increased, her stone sculpture world bloomed. The human form is pushed beyond photographic into a place of gesture, movement, and contained emotions. MCC never portrays violence in her work, but rather her anger is allowed permission to push sculptural forms that are vigilant.





            Starting with the human figure and then moving beyond it’s traditional shapes I explore the possibilities of not being predictable, nor violent but always speaking visually of the human condition.



          The challenge is creating a sculptural solution that fits the site and purpose of the Commission.             

        My Competition Teams have submitted plans of complete environments for many National Public Art Commission Competitions. 

       Very large abstract MCC Commissions  involve stacking, fitting and carving stone blocks/slabs. The Tahoe Conservancy Commission  includes information within the Sculpture.    Another example is a 7.6’ H three stone stacked Sculpture Commission and many sculptural benches for Public Art Sites.  At all times  the forms are pushed to become a functional sculpture that visually contains visual movements, balances and supports.




MCC PAINTINGS    my ongoing passion

 Included are six series of my paintings on paper using mixed medium.   They each express a search for meaning beyond.  Beyond what? 

"From Her Heart Thru Her Hands ... ",  women who live in patriarchal societies  create masterpiece everyday-items for their community.  A Hopi Potter, Nempeyo/a Pomo Basketweaver, Mabel McKay and so many more.

  "Masks of God ... "  explore the needs behind different cultures/religions search for fulfillment.  These paintings include responses from Inuit, Mayan,  Lakota Sioux, Christian, Dervish, Tara  and Kali beliefs. 

    "Lost Forest on Ring Neck Snake Road ... " take the viewer along paths where shadow and movement are the active forms.  This series is i memorial for the trees and animals who are lost to us through human action.

    "Windows ... " allow a concept of The Green Woman inhabiting the space between a church stained glass window and the metal framework that protects it.

    "My Spirit ... " is a exploration of The Spirit gathering energies as they are transferred from flesh into spirit.

    "My ..." takes the artist into the landscape of her self.




These are two expressions of anger at the Roman Catholic Church for its lax responsibility of control of Priest Pedophilia within the Church.  

A painted bronze chess set/paintings titled "Communion I" & "Communion II"  (re pedophilia within the Roman Catholic Church) are now included. 

"Communion I": A PowerPoint presentation describes each chess piece with text & images.   is a cast bronze painted chess set with the abused children represented by the White side and the Roman Catholic Church by the Black side.  The children are shown as they grow older and what sexual abuse has done to them.  This is represented on a .PPT file.

"Communion II": Images of each of the 6 paintings that represent the Black Chess Side.  is a series of 6 paintings that more graphically show the MCC's anger against the Roman Catholic Church and its protection of Pedophile Priests.

"Communion I" & "Communion II" Exhibit Video including a MCC poem.  was created during the Gualala Center for Arts Exhibition.

These two groups of MCC work create a strong visual statement and are Viewer Sensitive



I have continued to research Prehistoric, Copper/Bronze Age stone sites.  I am beginning to understand the magnificent beauty of the design of these Temples and Tombs that were created from local stones in a time before Iron tools.  I see them as living stone sculptures that were created to serve the Spiritual needs of our ancestors. The proportions that were created using the limiting local stone are beautiful. They are far and beyond just functional.


M.C.CAROLYN    (all caps, no spaces)


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